Adapting To The Unexpected (VIDEO)

No matter how well you prepare for it, problems will always pop up when making a film on any budget level. Filmmaker Adam Petrey walks you through some of the lessons he learned shooting his micro-budget shorts and the creative problem-solving needed to adapt to the unexpected.

May's Theme: "Adaptation"

The key to adapting to new environments properly is to first figure out your core. What drives your art? Maybe it’s connection with other people. Maybe it’s a value like compassion or honesty. Maybe it’s your intellect or a thirst for knowledge. Whatever that core is, let that guide you as you journey through the ups and downs of your environment.

March's Theme - "Identity"

What do people think of when they think of you? As someone who both works in marketing and creates content that needs to be marketed, this is a question I often ask about the products I’m creating, whether that be a movie or this blog you’re reading right now…