Our Team


Hudson phillips


Hudson Phillips is a writer, producer, and podcaster from Atlanta, GA. He started ScriptBlast to inspire struggling screenwriters and created Mirror Box Films to inspire genre-friendly creatives. He can usually be spotted wearing blue jeans and a hoodie and has been asked more than once if he’s a hair model.



Editor in Chief

Colby McHugh loves horror movies, comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, and probably many other things his conservative parents wouldn't approve of. Writing about those aforementioned pastimes is also quite a big passion of his.


Sonya A May

Director of Content Marketing

Sonya A May is a video editor/filmmaker/writer/avid knitter still trying to figure out where exactly she fits in with this crazy amazing world. Hailing from a small Boston suburb, she went to the University of Kentucky to study Media Arts, and has finally made her way down to Atlanta.



Director of Social Media

Monica Beard is a sleepy student, co-host of Shot for Shot podcast, and has a passion for connecting with others through storytelling. She loves superheroes, dinosaurs, and space (but don't we all). 


alex oakley

Director of Podcast Content

An aspiring actor, an amateur content creator, and all around enthusiasm enthusiast based in Atlanta. One of the co-hosts of Shot for Shot Podcast.



Lead Editor

Roo Black writes tv recaps, poetry, short stories, and screenplays. Although her screenplays have yet to be discovered, her poetry and short stories have been published across the web and in print. You can find her on twitter @rlblackauthor where she live tweets with her favorite tv shows and misbehaves with her friends.



Lead Designer

Isaac Chasteen is an industrial and graphic designer from Atlanta. He enjoys bragging about his Redbox Legend status, horror movies, and gambling on the Oscars. Isaac loves discussing how others interpret movies and then arguing about it.