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Defining Independence, Both In Film and Life: A Survey

Defining Independence, Both In Film and Life: A Survey

First thing you bought as an adult that made you feel independent?

Colby McHugh: Still waiting on that one. I’ve never quite felt like an adult. 

Jacob York: The first rent check in Atlanta.

Isaac Chasteen: Vacation plane ticket. 

Monica Beard: When I signed the lease to my first apartment.

Hudson Phillips: One particular car. A Saturn. Wasn't even my first car, but the first one I bought with no help from my parents. I still remember how it felt to drive it off the lot. 

CK Love: TV

Favorite artist who broke off from a group to start a solo career? 

Colby McHugh: It hurts my heart saying this as a Backstreet Boys fan, but the only true answer is Justin Timberlake. 

Jacob York: “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Isaac Chasteen: Theresa Wayman of Warpaint. 

Monica Beard: Beyonce (DUH!)

Hudson Phillips: Gerard Way, frontman of My Chemical Romance, but the solo career I love is him writing comics.

CK Love: Peter Murphy from Bauhaus.

If you could make a living doing anything, what would you do?

Colby McHugh: Tell stories. It’s so vague, but stories can come in any number of varieties and mediums, and I wanna be here for all of ‘em. 

Jacob York: Acting and writing. I'm kinda doing it.

Isaac Chasteen: Run my own home furnishing design studio. 

Monica Beard: Something where I’m making other people happy.

Hudson Phillips: Writing Marvel movies.

CK Love: Writing.

What was your favorite independent film of 2018?

Colby McHugh: Thunder Road. I could talk about this movie (and the short it’s based on) for hours. You know what, just watch it. And then talk to me about it. Please. 

Jacob York: Free Solo. It took my breath away. A friend of mine who is a climber told me The Dawn Wall was a better film, but Free Solo's idea is so easy to communicate. Man vs. Mountain. In one attempt. Fail and die. It's incredible.

Isaac Chasteen: Blindspotting.

Hudson Phillips: Eighth Grade

CK Love: Hereditary and You Were Never Really Here

What have you done this week to explore your creative independence?

Colby McHugh: Forcing myself to write, even though I have no specific idea in mind. Gotta stay sharp. 

Jacob York: WOOF. NOTHING. Everything I've written has been for someone else. What a good wake up call.

Isaac Chasteen: Get my moped running again. 

Monica Beard: I write for funsies. It's not anything anyone else will ever read but doing it is really relaxing.

Hudson Phillips: Outlined a new movie!

CK Love: Writing my noir thriller and my horror.

How do you define success? 

Colby McHugh: The ability to live a happy life and still be able to pay bills and put a roof over my head. 

Jacob York: Part 1 - Putting food on the table and keeping the lights on for myself and those I love the most. Part 2 - Garnering respect from artists I respect. (I recognize this one is a little more nebulous and maybe self-aggrandizing, but I see it in myself all the time. I just want people I think are cool to think I do good work.)

Isaac Chasteen: Outlining your own goals, and then meeting them. 

Monica Beard: Success is when you have something to look forward to every day.

Hudson Phillips: Doing what you love every day.

CK Love: Getting up every morning. Haha. No really :)

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